Book Review: Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo


Well, to kick start the book reviews, I wanted to start with a personal favorite, Zombie Fallout.

I have been a fan of Mark Tufo for a while now, his books transported me to the Post Apocalyptic destruction the H1N1 virus left in its wake. It was there I met Mike Talbot and the rest of his family. When I was first introduced to Mike Talbot he came across as a complete Germaphobe, yet all round cool guy. As I got to know more about him I watched as he took on his role as the Alpha Male and did all he could to protect his family. Even with his strange quirks, I couldn’t help but love him.

Tommy is by far my favorite, and what a character he is. At times I felt myself wanting to give the big lump a massive cuddle, and tell him things were going to be ok. Although, having Ryan Seacrest as his personal guide was comical yet worrying. I also love the sass Tracey and Nicole bring to the group it’s nice having a few females to relate to.

I speak of the characters as if I know them, and I suppose in a way I do. You see, Mark Tufo has a very unique talent which not many possess. He has a natural ability to transport the reader straight into his books. I could imagine myself stood next to Mike Talbot, watching the whole book play out. His writing style is second to none as he sets the scene perfectly, and ensures that each character has their very own place in the spotlight.

Mark kept my interest throughout the whole book and I found myself keen to know more, I couldn’t wait to find out what twists and turns the Talbot family had in store for them. Suffice to say, one book wasn’t enough for me. I carried on and before I knew it I had read all 7 books, as well as Zombie Fallout 3.5 which tells the tale of Dr Hugh Mann (The name still puts a smile on my face) as we learn about his background, and the part he played in the outbreak.

To summarize, if you like all things zombies, as well as comedy and character development this is DEFINITELY the book for you.

To purchase your very own copy of Zombie Fallout along with the rest of the series check out Mark’s website


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