Book Review: The Dead Travel Fast by Nick Brown


Some of you may already be familiar with Nick Brown from my site, as my readers will know Nick very kindly provided me with the Foreword for The Path of Destruction, the second book in the E Virus series.

As Nick is a good friend of mine, and given how familiar I am with his work, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Dead Travel Fast and give my very own review, especially as I had already read the first book of the series “Skendleby” which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Dead Travel Fast takes us to the Greek Islands of Samos. Here we are taken to a run down holiday resort where some rather strange goings on take place.

It is clear that Nick uses his expertise within archaeology to create a realistic and believable story that quite frankly, sent chills down my spine.

I particularly enjoyed the stories of two very different characters, an archaeologist and a detective who merge together as they uncover the many secrets within the book.

Overall it was a thrilling read from start to finish. The book left me with a lot to think about and really got my brain going, the trait of a great author.

I would highly recommend this book to family and friends, and urge all those with an interest in horror and the paranormal to give this fantastic series a go.

For more information about Nick and to purchase your very own copies check out his website


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