My Top 10 Zombie Movies of All Time

With the recent launch of E Virus: Book 2 The Path of Destruction I find my mind drifting more and more towards the zombie genre. As the films first sparked my interest in zombies, I felt it was only right to share with you all, my all time favorite zombie films.

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#10 Planet Terror

Although highly unrealistic, this film has the right amount of gore, guns and zombies to make it onto my list. Plus Rose McGowan has always been a favorite of mine.

This action-packed, cheap-laugh film had me laughing and cringing in places, especially as we follow the extremely unlikely action hero couple.

Overall, an interesting take on a zombie outbreak from the Grindhouse creators Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino.


#9 Juan of the Dead

I usually won’t watch subtitled films, but I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this particular film. Based in Cuba, this comedy follows Juan as the familiar zombie outbreak we have seen many times before destroys the Caribbean island.

Although the language was lost on me, I was able to keep up with the subtitles, and it even had me howling with laughter in places.

The film itself follows a 40-year-old waster called Juan Hangs who lives in Havana with his friends. He has an easy life fishing, drinking, and brooding about what it might be like to go to Miami. When the outbreak does hit, Juan uses his entrepreneurial skills to create a Zombie Extermination business.


#8 Day of the Dead

This original 1985 George Romero is a classic film among all zombie fans.

We follow a group of soldiers and scientists as cracks within the group soon begin to show. We see a different type of zombie in this particular film as some of the undead start to shows signs of intelligence. A trait which inspired my very own take on zombies within the E Virus series.

This alone ensures Day of the Dead has it’s place among my top 10.

This film ultimately, helped set the tone for future generations of zombie films, proving that yet again George Romero knows his zombies!


#7 Quarantine

This film kept me on edge the whole way through.

The film sets the scene of a television reporter and her cameraman which are trapped inside a building quarantined by the CDC after the outbreak of a mysterious virus, which turns humans into bloodthirsty cannibals.

Quarantine was one of the first of it’s kind to show a documentary type zombie film, with plenty on jumps and gore this film is definitely not one for the faint hearted.

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#6 Land of the Dead

Another classic Romero. Land of the Dead takes us to a modern day apocalyptic world where zombies reign supreme.

Throughout all the Romero films, I can see the glimmer of intelligence in these zombies, a subtle trait that does not go unnoticed. The way the zombies are portrayed, you almost feel sympathy for them as a misunderstood race.

I love this film because of the action, the gore and the story line behind it.


#5 Dawn of the Dead

Again, another Romero. So far 3 of his films have made it into my top 10, and when I come to think of it, I cannot think of a single Romero film I didn’t like. You can clearly see why George Romero is the Godfather of zombie films.

Dawn of the Dead is a particular favorite of mine. The best part of this movie for me, was watching the group pick off zombie celebrity lookalikes. It had its comedy moments, but had just the right amount of gore to push it to the number 5 spot of my all time favorites.

Another job well done for Mr Romero.


#4 28 Days Later

This nitty-gritty zombie film takes part in the heart of London. One of the first true British zombie films, directer Danny Boyle really pulled out all the stops to make this particular film one to remember.

Set in a post apocalyptic London, we follow our main characters fight for survival as a particularly gruesome race of infected are unleashed.

To me the film depicts what life would be life in a realistic way, whilst the story line kept me gripped throughout. What I would have liked to see from the follow on film 28 weeks later, was a lead on with the main characters we met in the first film, rather than a different set of characters back in London.


#3 Shaun of the Dead

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are my all time favorite film duo so this film was already a win for me.

Shaun of the Dead shows the typical Brit humor, along with a decent amount of gore. I’ve watched this film over and over again, and always switch on whenever it plays on ITV. I would say Shaun of the Dead doesn’t just make it on my top 10 zombie films but also my top 10 films in general.

I like that this film isn’t over the top with guns. As Britain does not have access to the firearms many American films depict, this comedy stays as realistic as possible.

I know if a zombie apocalypse ever broke out in the UK.. I’d be holding up at the Winchester too.

#2 Resident Evil

I’ve listed the first film on here, yet I feel as if I am cheating a tad. You see it isn’t just the first film that makes my top 10, it’s each and every one of them!

The T Virus mutations are second to none, with characters from the games making an appearance in each and every film, its hard to find something not to like about these films.

The perfect amount of action and a true box office hit. I cannot wait to see the final film when it comes out next year, if the ending for Resident Evil Retribution is anything to go by, the next film is going to be epic!

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#1 Zombieland

Here we are. My number 1 spot. Of course, it had to go to Zombieland. This all star comedy cast had me hooked from the very beginning.

The classic one liners will stay with you “Nut up or shut up” being my personal favorite.

My favorite character by far is Tallahassee, with his obsession for Twinkies and his zombie kill of the week. I could happily watch this film over and over again.

Plus, Bill Murray as a zombie… Need I say more?!

Overall, another great comedy perfectly executed.


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