Shoe Preparations for E Virus: Book 3 The New Age


It is no secret that I have let my blogs slip lately. However, this is not without reason. Since the launch of E Virus: Book 2 The Path of Destruction back in July, I have had to put my time into the marketing and PR (such fun)

I have also been hard at work making my very own shoes for E Virus: Book 3 The New Age which is currently in development.

Under the guidance of my number one shoe designer Nixxi Rose, I set to work creating my own pair (which were originally designed as Game of Thrones inspired shoes) but with my own unique Zombie twist.


Stage 1

This is how the shoes started out. I have had them for well over a year, and I had never worn them. The heel is 7 inches high and the platform is 3 inches. They proved to be the perfect starting point.

Once I had chosen the shoes, I got myself on Ebay and purchased the materials needed to create my masterpiece. To find the right materials I simply referred to Nixxi’s online tutorial which seemed to be an absolute godsend!

Overall the materials cost around £30 which included the shipping costs and the glue gun. I already had the red nail polish.

The materials needed:

  • Black Spray Paint (I used BBQ and Stove as according to Nixxi it is the most high wearing)
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • A Glue Gun
  • Cocktail Swords (4 packs)
  • 3d Glue
  • Red Nail Polish


Stage 2

As soon as my materials came through the post, I quickly set to work designing my shoes. I followed Nixxi’s advice and started piping the 3D glue along the sides of the shoes. This was to give the effect of “fake swords” as the shoes needed to keep their flexibility.

After the glue had been applied I simply left them to set for 24 hours.

I have to admit, I did go a little over the top with the 3D glue, however I came to the conclusion the soles needed to be decorated as well my reasoning was “at least when I am walking away, everyone will know it’s me.”


Stage 3

Once the glue had dried, and my cocktail swords and glue gun had arrived, I concentrated on my next step. This was the fiddly bit. Let’s just say it took over 3 and a half hours to complete and multiple glue gun wounds to the hand.

Still, I pressed on and before long the swords were in place. The back of the shoes seemed to be the most tricky and is where the majority of the glue burns occurred. As the shape of the shoe curves round more, Nixxi mentioned having to bend the swords around the shoe. I followed her advise and just about managed it!


Stage 4

This was the fun part! Once the swords were all securely in place, I grabbed my spray paint and got to work. What I would suggest is maybe doing this part outside. Learn from my mistakes, let’s just say the living room became a little hard to breath. Plus I may have got a blob or two on the carpet (Sorry Mike)

I started by applying the black spray paint. I then finished by spraying the gold into the corners of the shoes with the highest density of swords.

For the first time, they were starting to look like the shoes I had hoped for.

Stage 5

This was the final part, adding the nail polish. I had found an old red crackle nail polish I knew I would never use again. Well all I will say is it is a good job the bottle was pretty much full! After spreading the red polish and coloring in the initials on the soles, my shoes are now ready to feature on the third book of the E Virus series – The New Age.

I must say, they are still nowhere near as good as the shoes Nixxi Rose designs and creates, however as a newbie I’m sure I have done her proud!

To make your very own pair of Nixxi Rose Game of Throne Heels or follow my lead and make your own New Age heels, check out Nixxi’s video tutorial below.


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