A Girl’s Zombie Survival Guide

It occurs to me that in the event of a ZA (that’s Zombie Apocalypse for short) that us girl’s have a significant disadvantage over our male counterparts. For one, we do not have the brute strength that men have and we certainly have more basic needs. For example, hair care, skincare and wardrobe prep to name a few, are all equally as important as they are today, in fact maybe even more so.

No, I’m not saying we have to look good in the ZA, realistically every single one of us will look shockingly bad. I mean really bad. Think of a sweaty Hagrid covered in dragon poop, well that will be us on a good day. We need to take these things into consideration for health and safety reasons, but that’s not to say we can’t rock it.

Therefore I feel that it’s only right that I compile a section dedicated to female survival. Over the coming weeks I will be covering a variety of topics such as “How to Dress for the ZA” and “The Most Effective Weaponry” to name a few, as let’s face it, we can’t leave it to the boy’s now can we?



Jessica Ward – Author of E-Virus The Diary of a Modern Day Girl

Set in the familiar locations of Cheshire, the world of this tech savvy, shoe loving Cheshire Girl is thrown into complete chaos as the E-Virus spreads through the Nation, where she has to fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in a world where the dead just won’t stay dead.

Where to buy:



& all good book stores!


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