Book Review: Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse by Jack Strange

WARNING – Do not read on an empty stomach.

What happens when you cross gourmet food with the beginnings of a zombie apocalypse?

Answer: Pure brilliance.

I have to say I wasn’t completely sold to begin with as I wasn’t too sure what to expect. However, I love food and I love zombies, so I figured, what could possibly go wrong?

This tale follows celebrity chef “Floyd Rampant”, a TV sensation in his hay day, who let’s just say, has been out of practice for the last fifteen years. He spend’s his newly resurrected life recruiting other celebrity chefs, creating a culinary undead army of cooks with human flesh on the menu.

Characters fleet in and out, usually met with a rather gruesome untimely death. I have to say some characters are more memorable than others, I laughed out loud when I was introduced to the character “Pogson”, very clearly Jeremy Clarkson’s alter ego.

For a light comedy read, this is one you definitely want to add to the reading list, especially if you are a huge zombie fan like me.

Overall this book left me disturbingly hungry, and kind of wishing I was a zombie.

For your copy of Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse CLICK HERE for the UK version or CLICK HERE for the USA version.

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