How to Identify a Zombie

In this section we will go through exactly how to identify a zombie.

Here are a couple of questions you should really ask yourself when faced with what you feel, could quite possibly be, a member of the living dead:

  • Are they unresponsive to communication?
  • Do they have a disheveled or untidy and unkept appearance?
  • Do they have a strong and somewhat decomposing body odor?
  • Do they look at you the same way you view your favourite meal?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, I would strongly suggest you turn and run the other way. The chances are you have just had your very first encounter with the undead, and hopefully, lived to tell the tale.

Remember – spotting a zombie can often be a difficult task. Overworked employees, for example, can easily be mistaken for zombies. Always take great caution and use common sense when evaluating whether or not you are faced with an undead member of society. The last thing you need, is having to explain to your employers, why it was you felt the need to decapitate Bob from Accounting.




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