Top 3 Ways to Kill a Zombie

So you have followed my last blog and you now know How to Identify a Zombie. Now it’s time we visit the top 3 ways to dispose of the undead.

Aim for the Head
The most well known method of zombie killing. A shot to the head. My recommendation would be a 9mm or higher. Unfortunately Air Rifles and Nerf Guns just won’t cut it.

If like the majority of the British population, you have no access to firearms, you may have to become a little more creative. Think pool cues, baseball or cricket bats, kitchen knifes and sharp pointy things.







The firm favourite of The Walking Dead fans. Realistically it may be a little harder than you anticipate to get your hands on a samurai sword. Not only that, you will need to learn how to use it effectively.

There are however, other ways in which you can decapitate your undead friend. A swift blow with an axe for example can prove highly advantageous.







Burn baby, burn. This method is the most effective when taking on a horde of the living dead. A well placed Molotov Cocktail could give you the perfect opportunity to get away. Not only that but the undead will be attracted to the flames that their soon to be deceased brothers will be engulfed in, taking the heat (pardon the pun) off you.




So there you have it. The Top 3 Ways to Kill a Zombie. Don’t forget to check out my other blog posts for more zombie survival tips and tricks such as Finding Your Perfect Apocalypse Partner and How to Style Your Wardrobe in the Event of a Zombie Apocalypse.


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