Author Interview: Michelle Weese

Well, to start off, my name is Michelle Weese. I’m thirty-one years old and live in Daytona Beach, Florida with my husband and soulmate, Daniel, of ten wonderful years and four fat lazy housecats. I was born and raised in the old mountains of West Virginia. I am a floral designer with six years in the flower industry but I recently developed a passion for writing last year. Because of my admiration for reading, my best friend, Sara, challenged me one-day last year to write a book… so I did! I recently finished and published my first ever book, Autumn’s Calling: The Outbreak, which is book one of a series. The next volume, Autumn’s Calling: The Battle, will be released by the end of 2016. I hope that I can reach out to my fellow horror lovers and share the world I have created within the dark corners of my mind.


Could you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

I always loved reading, ever since I was a small child. Books are very important to me, my escape from reality when the world around me is too much to handle. I will always be a bookworm. Also, I am an avid movie lover, which I think passed down to me from my grandfather. I have fond memories of visiting him and my grandmother and always so infatuated with his “tv room” as he called it. It was four walls of shelving and covered in every square inch with VHS movies from floor to ceiling. He had great taste in movies, and music, too. I took after him and collected many movies over the years, though not nearly as many as he had. My favorite genre is, and probably always will be, horror. I prefer my books and my movies to be horror/thrillers but will consider others, if interesting enough. My favorite author, the reason I am so in love with the horror genre, is Stephen King. The first book I read from him, many years ago, was Misery and I got hooked from that point on.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

My husband and I love working out in the yard; we’re constantly planting new things to make our humble abode more beautiful. I also like going to thrifty boutiques in hope of finding some quirky and unusual to take home. But my favorite past-time is, and probably always will be, watching movies. Especially horror.

Other than the horror genre, what else has been a major influence on your writing?

Romance. I like a little passionate lovemaking with my horror.

What are the books and films that helped to inspire you as an author?

Pretty much everything I’ve ever read by Stephen King. Also, I have probably seen every single zombie film out there that gives me some great ideas to build from.

What new and upcoming authors do you think we should take notice off?

Definitely Mark Tufo, author of the Zombie Fallout series. His books are hilarious and keep you on the edge of your seat.

How would you describe your writing style?

Fast paced. Action packed. Very detailed.

What aspects of writing to do you find the most difficult?

I seem to have difficulty staying in one tense. My editor points out to me all the time that my writing jumps from present to past tense. But I’m still fairly new at this writing thing, so it’s a working progress.

Is there any subject you would never write about as an author?


What tools do you feel are must-haves for writers?

Thesaurus and Google are my best friends. Also, let as many friends and family members read your books before you send to publish. Each person will find some error the previous person missed.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received with regards to your writing?

Don’t stress about editing at first. Let the words flow naturally, then go back and enhance or fix your story.

Getting your worked noticed is one of the hardest things for a writer to achieve, how have you approached this subject?

Social media is the greatest invention. I use Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, etc. to get people to notice me. The genre I’m writing in is overly saturated and it’s definitely a struggle to stick out above the other awesome authors out there.

What piece of work are you most proud of?

Well, I am only on my second book, which is volume two of my series, so that would have to be my first book, Autumn’s Calling: The Outbreak.

Do you have a favorite line or passage from your work?

“As he swung me around the ballroom dance floor, I glanced over at our undead band and another fit of laughter escaped me when I caught a clear look at the violin player. She wore a raggedy cocktail dress that exposed her rotting left breast. It flapped carelessly in the wind as she played her part in the song with a fervent passion. I decided to nickname her Boobara, you know, instead of Barbara. Anyways, Boobara also suffered from a missing eyeball along with half of her right cheek. Poor woman was in rough shape. I obtained the sudden urge to give her a serious makeover, but thought better of it.”

Can you tell us about your last book, and can you tell us about what you are working on next?

My current published book is the first of my series, I am currently working on the next book of this series, Autumn’s Calling: The Battle. It will reveal the cause of the outbreak and dive deep into the depths of my main character’s tortured mind. It’s due to be released at the end of the year.

What was the last great book you read, and what was the last book that disappointed you?

The last great book was Dead Ice (Anita Blake Series) by Laurell K. Hamilton
Last disappointing book was Joyland by Stephen King. I expected more from the King.

What’s the one question you wish you would get asked but never do? And what would be the answer?

How I came up with my main character for my first book series?
The answer is that I always dreamed of having a beautiful red headed little girl with green eyes and I would name her Autumn. My husband has red hair and we both have green in our eyes, so I thought it could be a possibility to have a child with such features. But after 9 years of trying to have one, we have yet to succeed. So for now I will write about the girl I always hoped to have as a daughter.

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Autumn’s Calling: The Outbreak by Michelle Weese

Autumn Reed is a small town nurse fresh out of college and soon to be wife of Luke Davis, a business major/car salesman. Until she comes home after a grueling double shift at the hospital to find him estranged and violently hungry, which takes her by complete surprise and soon after begins to terrify her. Afraid for her life, Autumn and her sweet dog, Daisy, go on the run leaving the town she has always known as home, to a safe haven hidden off of the main highway and hours away from the abusive Luke. She feels a sense of serenity and peace at her new hideaway and comes to meet a new stranger. But her feeling of safety is soon destroyed when the dead begin to walk the earth. An unknown virus strain breaks loose and consumes many at an extremely rapid rate, turning citizens along the West Coast into decomposing ghouls with an insatiable hunger for the flesh of the living. She must find the strength within to fight and survive, or succumb to the ravenous beasts and die. Autumn will unfold a side of herself that she didn’t know she had, and will stop at nothing to save those she loves.

For your copy of Autumn’s Calling: The Outbreak CLICK HERE


Interview by Jessica Ward – Author of E-Virus The Diary of a Modern Day Girl

Set in the familiar locations of Cheshire, the world of this tech savvy, shoe loving Cheshire Girl is thrown into complete chaos as the E-Virus spreads through the Nation, where she has to fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in a world where the dead just won’t stay dead.

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