E-Virus: Emily’s Journey


RELEASE DATE:  26th December 2016

Emily is a highly intelligent, yet socially inept young scientist. Residing in the city, she was just beginning her career within Marine Biology.

Boris couldn’t be more different from Emily. He had always been a drifter, floating from one job to another. He was confident and he could talk the talk, he just didn’t want to.

We follow this unlikely duo, as they journey through the city centre, a treacherous route packed with members of the undead, as they attempt to reach Emily’s uncle, another scientist who may just have all the answers they have been searching for.

Can they cross the city unscathed? And will they find Emily’s uncle in time?

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Just read this short tale. An interesting way to bridge between first two books and next two.if you have not read first two I strongly recommend you do as they are very good reads. Bring on books 3&4.

– 5* John Semple (Kindle Reader)