I enjoyed this latest installment of the E Virus tale and I am eager to read the next installment. We get to follow our little intrepid band of survivors as they try to live in a world where humans are no longer the top of the food pyramid. These zombies are scary in their continued adaptation and their sheer numbers are frightening. I thought the survivors made some dumb moves but then that is sort of the reason we are reading the story, right?

Zoom Reader (5 Star)

“I was very intrigued by this and actually downloaded it from Kindle and read it cover to cover over two days. I found it to be quite rivetting…especially as I was picturing the events taking place in the hangars as I know them here on the airfield.

The introduction of tunnels under the aerodrome was quite interesting as there were one or two small length tunnels running below ground which connected a couple of the WW2 wartime defence and operations bunkers which not many knew about, sadly these were demolished some 5 years ago, but it added to the story line.

Pity about the Sergeant though…he really held the group together. I have recommended your book to other members and I am looking forward to the next chapter…”

Commerical Director – Woodford Airfield (5 Star)

“Wasn’t sure what to expect with this book as I have read a load of Zombie books but I actually really enjoyed it !

It starts of really well and just picks up the pace from there, I really like how you meet the other characters and get to know them especially the closer knit ones and god “duck face” … man I would love to slap/punch her in the face !!!

It would have been good to have had a bit more in depth interaction with the other characters to get to really know them, but it was still a really good read even with it not having the full in your face gore all the time a normal zombie book it. lol

A great pace and good action to let you get the feel for what it would be like to be there.

A job well done and looking forward to the next book :)”

 Fleury (5 Star)

“Love the concept of a modern girl ditching her usual priorities to survive the aftermath of a deadly virus….. Can’t wait for volume two!”

 Jackie (5 Star)

“I liked this book. Unlike some books I’ve read, it kept me engaged throughout and did not feel like a chore to read. I liked that the book had action as well as character development. I would have given it five stars, but it needs some editing. There are minor typos throughout the book. Overall, it was an enjoyable read.” 

 Jen C (4 Star)

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The development of the characters was fun to watch. Not only did they grow mentally but also physically. I read mostly Zombie genre books and this is right up there storehouse.. I am looking forward to reading the next one. To me, a great story is full of character, excitement and action. This had all three..” 

Zombie Glorya (5 Star)

“Huge zombie fan, loved this as from the same areas mentioned, could see the “lost boys” typical Stockport chavs! Cannot wait for the next instalment!”

 Kayleigh (5 Star)

“First off, may I say I loved this book and cannot believe it is your first piece of writing. Your protagonist is so very real and the way she develops through the different parts of the story is very believable. I also admit to loving the slang, although I suspect some may be incomprehensible to non-Brits (it made me feel at home though). Your forte is definitely conversation … I have rarely come across such a natural way of speaking written down in a free book.
Now on to the tiny negativity. It is clear you have “proofed, reproofed and proofed again” as only a few small typos have remained and those mostly come towards the end. They did not detract in any way from my enjoyment of this exciting tale but they were noticeable. Having said that, please keep writing … you may not be a bookworm BUT … you are definitely a writer.” 

Mary Blackwell (5 Star)

“I picked this book as I had finished my Stephen king novel doctor sleep. It looked good from the reviews. From the beginning I was glued to the end. Gutted about the ending but can’t wait for book 2. I would recommend to a friend or family member.”

 Community Manager (5 Star)


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